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The Retro Wagon Debut at Desert Code Camp 2016

The Retro Wagon collection made it’s first public appearance this past Saturday Eight October 2016 at Desert Code Camp 2016 at the Chandler-Gilbert Community College.

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SSM IO4 as Mits 88-2SIO

I’ve got a few Altair 8800 computers. One a 8800 kit that my father never completed before moving on to Imsai and other systems – most of my experience back in the day started with his Imsai, a California Computer … Continue reading

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Imsai Power Supply Rebuild

Recently, well once in a while in the last couple years, I’ve had the urge to rebuild some of my old CP/M equipment. Back in the day, the late 70s and early 80s, I ran some California Computer Systems (CCS), … Continue reading

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The Retro Wagon is a mobile exhibit consisting of mostly vintage computers from the dawn of the personal computer affordable for folks at home. There’s also some prehistory I thought would be fun like an Abacus and a slide rule.

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