SSM IO4 as Mits 88-2SIO

I’ve got a few Altair 8800 computers. One a 8800 kit that my father never completed before moving on to Imsai and other systems – most of my experience back in the day started with his Imsai, a California Computer Systems and CompuPro equipment that I purchased. The other Altair system is a 8800b Persi era that I purchased off of eBay. Neither of these have a serial I/O card. I want a serial card so I can experiment with my newly acquired FDC+ Enhanced Floppy Disk Controller for the Altair 8800 from Mike Douglas. I’ll be able to emulate a disk loading cp/m from a serial port. The board will also be helpful when I attempt to create a floppy boot disk for this fairly complete Altair 8800b.

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